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Free telugu e-books, novels and Magazines on web
Awesome site where you can find lots of telugu books for free download. Novels, books, Magazines and Games.

Collection of free rare e-books.--This blog has been removed.
This blog links to rare e-books which are distributed for free over the Internet.
Another blog has been created as, but not sure this is the same blog as original rare-e-books.
This site is for Telugu literature lovers...many books available in this site in pdf format. easy to read and easy to download. Very good site.

This site describes everything about India. Here you can find FREE Telugu Magazines, Books including Ramayanam and Mahabharatam and other news related to India.
Free access to Telugu Novels has been provided here for Telugu People who love to read Telugu Novels PDF Online. These novels are in PDF format and as links to web resources. Please follow the links to go to a specific novel and open the links to read the entire novel.
Note : In this site scroll down to see the links to free novels.
Free Telugu magazines
This folder contains all major works of famous authors like Yandamuri.

All e-books threads...
Contain so many books for free download includes english novels and books. This thread would have tons of ebooks on various subjects ranging from kids to adult.
American Accent Video Training Program
Complete Course of Astrology
One stop web spot for Telugu books, Telugu kids movies, Telugu Animation movies for kids, Telugu Pravachanalu, Telugu live T.V, Telugu news, Telugu bhakti and more..

Read Telugu E BOOKS ( Novels, Magazines) For Free
Bhakti Magazines, Audios and Videos
Telugu books
Read some telugu books online
Telugu novels in esnips for free download
Telugu CHANDAMAMA books for free download.
Read Telugu CHANDAMAMA online

An on-line book store with largest collection of Telugu books in the world
Blogs Related to Free Telugu e-books and Magazines & Other sites

Reviews on books:
Telugu Web magazines :
Vipula :
Other telugu websites:మొదటి_పేజీ
Veda Books:
Astrology Books:
Comedy Books
Detective Books
Devotional Books
Health Books
History Books
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Yoga Books
Telugu news and magazines archives since 1904

English to Telugu dictionaries on web !!

For Venkata Rangacharyulu's dictionary

For AP press academy's Patrika padakosam:

CP Brown and JPL Gwynn's dictionaries Online

Note: Above five links are provided by Prasad garu.

You can download below dictionaries:

Telugu to English dictionary by P Sankaranarayana

English-Telugu Dictionary(Reprint of 1853 Edition) by CHARLES PHILIP BROWN

English to Telugu Dictionary by S.K Venkatacharyulu


Anonymous said...

wow!! this is very good !! helps a lot !!

Anonymous said...

very good. this has helped me a lot

Anonymous said...

can i get Nithya Pooja Vidhanam audio file plz.If u have plz email me at

Maruti said...

Thank You !!

I will let you know.

v k siva kumar said...

Maruthi gariki namaskaram,
Nenu cartoonist nu. Prati nela videsala lone telugu vari vinodham kosam vari e mail address ku telugu jokulu vatiki tagina vyanga chitralu nama matrapu karchuto pampa dalichanu. Vidasala lo teugu associations vari email addresses mee vadha vunte naaku email cheyandi-sivakumar

Dr.రామక పాండు రంగ శర్మ said...


Telugu pustakaalu online lo chadavalanna,Download kaina maroka site kuda undi. Miru daani kuda mi list lo add cheyyandi.adi -

Maruti said...


Thank you,Its already there in the list.

Anonymous said...

maruti gaaru naaku "adivi baapiraaju" gaari navalalu online lo chadive la.... ye website lo dorukutaayo cheppagalara???

Anonymous said...

maruti gaaru "adivi baapiraaju" gaari navalalu ee website lo doruku taayo cheppagalara????

Maruti said...

Only the following novels are available as of now at

Telugu Novels By Yandamoori Veerendranath ( 17 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Works By Sri Sri (Mahaprasthanam) ( 1 Telugu work )

Telugu Novels By Suryadevara Rammohana Rao ( 9 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Novels By Kommanapalli Ganapati Rao ( 7 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Novels By Mallik - Comedy Novels ( 2 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Novels By Chandu Sombabu ( 2 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Novels By Yerramsetty Sai ( 12 Telugu Novels )

Telugu Novels By Vasireddy Sitadevi ( 9 Telugu Novels )

If I will have info on your request I will update here. Thanks.


kannab said...

Maruthi garu,

Telugu pusthakalu chadavdam gani,konutaku gani vundi. edhi koda add cheyandi

Maruti said...

Kannab garu,when I try to open the website It is saying "Service not available".

kannab said...

Maruthi garu,

You are doing fantastic job by keeping our telugu books all in one site.I will let you know if i come across any sites of telugu books.

Maruti said...

Kannab garu, thank you very much for providing the book links. I appreciate your help and I have just added those links in my post.

Anonymous said...

good work maruti garu

Maruti said...

Thanks andi !!

Anonymous said...

maruthi garu naku tipu sultan history telugu lo kavali ekkada dorukutundi

Maruti said...

Anonymous garu, I got one from,
This is "Tippu Sultaan" by Rentala Gopalakrishna.

Other Sources: Articles, News in telugu

ప్రపంచంలో మొట్టమొదటి యుద్ధ రాకెట్‌ను కనిపెట్టింది టిప్పు సుల్తానే !!

టిప్పు సుల్తాన్ పాలనలో హిందువులు గురించి ఎం.వి.ఆర్. శాస్త్రి గారి వ్యాసం-

టిప్పు సుల్తాన్ సింహాసన ఛత్రం అమ్మకం:

Thanks for telugu thesis and other authors.

Anonymous said...

Really a best site for telugu people.

Maruti said...

Thank you very much andi !!

Maruti said...

naku adivi baapiraaju gaari Gonagannareddy novel dorikindandi. I will upload it soon. Thanks!!


Maruti said...

Adavi bapiraju gari GonaGannaReddy link :

Thanks to mallepoolu !!

subrahmanyam said...

maruthi garu,

You have done a wonderful job. I am heartfully congratulating you for this effort.
God bless you.


Maruti said...

Raju garu, thank you very much.

Raju said...

maruti gariki abhinandanalu...
mee blog valla nenu chala telugu books chadavagaliganu... anduku meeku pratyekamga kruthagnathalu... naadoka abyardhana mee daggara parusavedi book ( alchemist) unte mee blog lo pettagalaru...

Maruti said...

Raju garu, thank you very much !! I am searching for that book. If I find it, I will upload it.

Anonymous said...

Maruti garu... doing great job... thanks...
please keep the pdf files of Telugu to English and English to Telugu Dictionaries.we don't find good offline Telugu dictionaries. There are only online dictionaries like CP Brown and JPL Gwynn. Otherwise I have good dictionaries like CP Brown, Sankaranarayana and Telugu academy which are written for English to Telugu as well as Telugu to English. I am ready to give them to keep in Pdf format. Kindly let me know the procedure. If we do this this will be immensely helpful for Telugu students who come from rural background.. -Prasad

Maruti said...

Prasad garu, thank you !!
Really nice thought, Two ways we can do this.
Either you can upload the pdfs to scribd( or esnips( and give me the link or If you could email me the pdf files I will do that.
If you want the step by step process just email me, I will explain that to you.
My Email id:


Anonymous said...

Maruti garu.. thanks.
I don't have those books in pdf format. I have all those books with me. kindly let me know how to convert them into PDF, so that I can upload them..

Maruti said...

Prasad garu,
To convert physical books into pdf you need to scan each and every page with a scanner and you can save the scanned image as pdf file.
I can say its really tedious work !! So first I will search the dictionaries on web and I will try to post them here. Lets see how it goes, anyway thank you very much for your information and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maruti garu...
I have searched the net thoroughly for Telugu Dictionaries. But, I found only two of them. One is English to Telugu dictionary by Venkata Rangacharyulu (covers only simple vocabulary) and another one is by AP Press academy (Though it is written by eminent journalists, it is the worst one. It misses all the core vocabulary in day-to-day English. The following are the links for them...
For Venkata Rangacharyulu's dictionary:

For AP press academy's Patrika padakosam:

Apart from these books, we don't find any other comprehensive Telugu Dictionary on the net.
As far as my knowledge is concerned there are some good dictionaries (not best ones)in Telugu till date. I will mention them here.

For English to Telugu:
1. English to Telugu dictionary by Telugu academy (a good one so far. It is compiled in accordance with concise Oxford dictionary of English. It has more than 70,000 words)
2. CP Brown's English to Telugu Dictionary. (a classic so far in Telugu. Though it was compiled in 19th century, still it is a dictionary worth mentioned.
3. Sankaranarayana's English to Telugu Dictionary.

For Telugu to English:
1. Telugu to English dictionary by Telugu academy (good one, compiled most recently. Hence it covers 40,000 Telugu words. It is written based on its predecessors like dictionaries by CP Brown, Sankaranarayana and JPL Gwynn)
2. Telugu to English dictionary by JPL Gwynn (published by Oxford University Press. Good dictionary with 35,000 words)
3. CP Brown's Telugu to English dictionary
4. Sankaranarayana's Telugu to English dictionary.
In fact we don't find any of these good dictionaries on the net either in electronic format or in PDF format to read off-line.
The only solace is CP Brown and JPL Gwynn's dictionaries are converted into electronic format and are available online. We all should be thankful to the site Digital Dictionaries of South Asia.

Maruti said...

Prasad garu, thank you very much for your valuable information.

Anonymous said...

Excellent information

vijji said...

Download free ebooks and tutorials, also listen live Radio, for more information please visit the link,

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

any pdf book links for telugu vantala pustakam
thank you

Anonymous said...

hello pls anybody tell me telugu novels on the subject of time travel

Anonymous said...

If u r a veg
Could help u a lot

Maruti said...

Hi All, I was not able to edit this post (may be it exceeded the max limit), soon I will write the sequence to this post. Thanks for all your help and information.

Anonymous said...


pavan said...


Satvik garu rasina himayogi e-book download link please

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Congrats for ur effort. Plz add the following blogs in your Blog/Website.

For All Indian Magazines -

For Worldwide Magazines -

For All movies -

For All Telugu Stuff, like jokes, cartoons, ebooks, magazines, articles -

Once again thanks and nice maintenance of ur blog.

Anonymous said...

Gouru vastu book links emaina unte upload cheyyaru

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

maruthi garu mindcontrol ki sabandhinchina books telugu lo a site lo dorukuthayo chepandi plz

suguna said...

sir web desining nerchukovadanki telugu meterial edanna unda? unte please tell.

Anonymous said...

maruthi garu web designing learning telugu book edannunte suges cheyandi plz

Vijaya Krishna said...

The following are the some Telugu-English and English-Telugu dictionaries that I found on the net. These are the scanned versions and can be read online only. Anyhow, something is better than nothing.

P. Sankara Narayana Telugu-English Dictionary

P. Sankara Narayana English-Telgu Dictionary

V. Rao Vemuri Telugu-English Dictionary

P. Percival Telugu-English Dictionary

Brown English-Telugu Dictionary

Vemuri Rao English-Telugu Dictionary

Brown Telugu-English Dictionary

Anonymous said...

naaku n.r.nandi drishti kavali

SIVA said...

excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanx a lot once again, Regards, tamil songs mp3 free download

Anonymous said...

hello sir naaku ramgopal varma "naa ishtam" book kavali danini ekada download chesukovalo cheputhara plsssssss naa mail id

sree said...

hello maruti garu meeru pampina detaiks chala usefull ga unnai.naku konni telugu novels kavali.avi ekkada dorukutayo cheputara plzz.... vsp tenneti -----sandyavandanam novel and sreeamaraa ---sogasuchudatarama,secondstory,missinglessons plz sir avi ekkada dorukutayo cheputara...unte naa mail ki

ratna kumari said...


I am ratna . Once I read serial dorasani writen by meera lakshmi which of 1995 year of swati saparivara patrika. from then onwards i am searching for that year books in the book stalls and in the libraries also but i didn't get it. if you know where those books can be get to me contact me at

jnaneswar said...

maruthi garu, nakuu discovery telugu magazine kavali....ekkada dorukuthundo cheppagalara..

Anonymous said...

Maruthi gaariki naaku NAGANEEKA ane charithakanovel chadavalani undi adi ekkada dorukuthundo thelapagalaru.

Anonymous said...

please provide GANAPAT NAVEL.

Anonymous said...

hii naaku shankardada by madhubabu novel kavali

రామచంద్ర్రరావు said...

1116 telugu free ebooks

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